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Capital City Loan & Jewelry pawnshops are the friendliest in the Sacramento area, which make us the perfect choice to get a cash loan, fast and easy! Our loan process is a quick, confidential and convenient option for you to get a much needed cash loan with no credit check. You simply bring us your valuable items; we professionally appraise your items and negotiate a cash loan price. We then hold your collateral item for 120 days until you pick it up. At the end of the 120 day period, if you have not paid on or redeemed your item, we will send you a ten day notice reminding you of your due date. You may redeem your item at any time within the 120 days; or if you are unable to pay the entire amount to redeem your item(s) you can simply pay the small interest charge and extend the loan for an additional 120 days. We loan on everything from gold, diamonds and watches, to musical equipment, electronics, and tools. We lend you the cash you need on the spot! Capital City Loan & Jewelry insures your items and stores them in a secure, 24 hour alarmed and video-recorded environment. All of our loans are non-recourse; meaning, if you cannot repay the loan, it will not affect your credit score.

  • Open 7 days a week
  • Your items are appraised by professionals
  • Friendly customer service
  • Fast cash on the spot
  • Safe, insured and secure collateral loans
  • We pay more!